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oscar & ollie is a handmade paper goods & hand painted wooden décor business based in Fairfield county, CT.  I’m Amanda, & that’s me in the pic.  “So, just who are oscar & ollie?” is a question I get all the time.  Well, the little grouchy guy in the pic is oscar, & ollie is his slightly larger & far naughtier cousin who lives down in Charleston, SC with my younger sister. 

Not long after graduating from the University of North Carolina, I moved to Manhattan, started attending FIT, & took an internship with a fashion designer.  I ended up leaving the FIT merchandising program after one semester for a full time job with that designer.  Seven years later I was still there. Fashion was my first love & career--it will always be an important part of my life.  So don't be  surprised to see the occasional (or maybe not so occasional) blog post or tweet about the industry (especially where it comes to factory safety standards & domestic production!)

After getting married & deciding to take a short break from the industry, I was encouraged (thank you friends & family!) to start this little business.  And I honestly haven’t looked back.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work from our home, spend my days crafting paper & wooden items I love & spending most of my days with little oscar. 

Running a small business as a one woman show (with the exception of my incredibly awesome mailman and my husband/excel spreadsheet creator extraordinaire) is no easy feat.   There are areas where I excel & others where I just do the bare minimum (because I have to face that I just can’t do it all and recognize my weaknesses!)  But it’s a labor of love, and it’s all worth it.   

Please be in touch if you have any questions about custom orders, press, or anything in general!  I’d love to hear from you. 


--Do you actually have a woodshop? (“I can’t really imagine you with goggles & a jig saw.")

While I DO actually have a jig saw & some super cute plastic safety goggles (sense the tone), I do not actually cut the wood for my wooden items.  I have carefully sourced unfinished wood raw materials that are either handmade by another artisan (thank you, Linda!) or are produced by companies right here in the US.  That’s something I saw the designer for whom I worked doing, & I made a commitment to do the same in my own business. Again, I know my strengths & my limitations, & while I may own that jig saw I really just don’t know how to use it.  I do, however, use a power sander & several different Dremel tools on a daily basis.

--Are you hiring?

Unfortunately no, not at this time.  But if you’re in the Fairfield county area & would like an internship for college credit, please email me!

--Do you work with interior designers?

YES.  I am currently working with a few but I’m looking to grow this side of my business.  & yes, I offer an interior designer discount (with proof, of course!) so let me know if I can help you with custom décor for any children’s spaces you’re designing!

--Do you offer your items for wholesale?

YES. Almost all of my wooden items are available for wholesale, so if you’re a retailer interested in carrying oscar & ollie in your b & m or web shop, please let me know!  Please send me a few details about your shop when you contact me for verification purposes.  I’ll then send you linesheets & other info.  I’m not really wholesaling my paper goods at this point EXCEPT by special request. 

--Do you offer special discounts for party/event/wedding planners?

YES.  I offer bulk discounts for my treat bags, invitations, & gift tags.  Other items may be available by special request.  

--Can I order directly through the website? 

I do not have e-commerce set up through the site at this point.  You can either order through my etsy shop or just send me a message with the item you’re interested in & we can go through email or by phone. 

--I really like your frame, but I’d like it to be in colors that match my child’s room.  Can you do that?

Absolutely!  You can either send me the color info or send me a picture or link & I’ll match it! 

--I decorated my child’s room with this bedding.  Can you make me some accent pieces that will coordinate? 

Yes!  I will not copy another artist’s work (either design or colors), so if you are just looking for a handmade version of something that’s already available then no, I cannot make that for you.  But if you want some wall hooks that match your child’s bedding, I can work with the colors & make something that will go together!

--Would you be interested in working with a sales rep?

 Actually, yes.  If you’d be interested in repping o & o, please let me know!

--Anything I didn’t cover?  Please contact me